Mystery P.I. - Las Vegas

Mystery P.I. - Las Vegas

Mystery P.I. - The Vegas Heist is a great hidden objects game
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Mystery P.I. - The Vegas Heist is the second installment of the sequel which brings a similar experience to the original and adds a few twists. In this game, you have to find a lot money that have been stolen before a casino's grand opening. While searching for a certain number of clues and hidden objects, you must also find poker chips and keys that will unlock two other game modes: Unlimited Seek and Find. The game also features four new mini-games that include fun puzzle games and great crosswords. You can choose to play with unlimited hints, which is much easier, or with purchasable hints, which cost 7500 points and you have to wait a short time until the hint meter is refilled before using it again. The lists of objects is very varied and quite strange, and the levels are really challenging. I've been searching for an object for about 20 minutes, without seeing it right in front of my eyes. The graphics are great and the music is a little bit repetitive, but it can be turned off. If you have patience and like this kind of hidden objects games, you should definitely try Mystery P.I. - The Vegas Heist.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Good hint system. Challenging. Great graphics


  • It doesn't exploit the Vegas theme. Repetitive music
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